1000 hours challenge tracker


Work 1000 hours on a project and become a pro. This template includes 1000 boxes to tick and reflect on what you learn.

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Template Description

Work 1000 hours on something and become a pro. 

Since I've started using notion I have tried to use it as a habit tracker. Turns out my schedule and perhaps also my personality aren't compatible with having to do something daily. I'm more of a diesel, which means it takes me a while to get me started but once I'm working on a task it's difficult to stop. 

Enter the 1000 hours challenge template. Rather than spending time each day on something I want to challenge myself to learn IOS development for 1000 hours this year. 

This Notion template includes 50 lines on 20 tick boxes plus a progress formula that shows you the percentage done compared to the year's progression. 

After a block of time spent I tick off the many hours that I have spent. When I have finished a block of 20 hours I go into the line to reflect on my work. All lessons learned will be collected in one Database. 

The timeline view allows me to see the finished blocks on a timeline. 

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