"Today" Task Manager


Today is a smart & simple task list Notion template to help you get clear and get organized.

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

There's no trick to getting things done but having the right system. A lesson from Atomic Habits, “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your system.”

New tasks, projects, and ideas come up every day. Not having a system to organize all of them can distract you from your real priorities and deadlines.

Today is a smart & simple task list Notion template to help you get clear and get organized.

What's inside the template?

  • Tasks database
  • Today / Overdue section
  • Upcoming Week Section
  • Upcoming Month Section
  • Near Future Section
  • Tasks Catalog Section
  • Reference & Instructions

How to use the template?

How to download the template?

Open the template link, then click "Duplicate" on the top right corner to duplicate it to your workspace.

Does this work on the free version of Notion?

Yes, all you need is a free account plan.

Still have questions?

Send a message to theimaginationvalley@gmail.com

What are the benefits of the template?

Using Today, you can now...

  • Capture your thoughts quickly to your Tasks Database
  • Classify your tasks by area or project
  • Manage your task status, deadline, attachments and references
  • Organize tasks by multiple filters such as deadlines, priorities, and contexts
  • View your upcoming deadlines in a weekly calendar view
  • Drag and drop to customize different layouts and views
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