Wedding planning


Add images, videos, audio, and links. Planner for a wedding with an example to help you better visualize the structure.

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

While planning my wedding, I ran into a wedding planning problem

What's inside the template?

  • To-do section
  • Questions to Ask
  • Guest List
  • Gifts
  • Budget
  • Vendors
  • Contacts
  • Inspiration
  • Documents (Feel free to add any extra documents that you feel are important!)
  • Invoices (Attach any invoices from vendors such as photographers, videographers, DJ, venues, etc.)
  • Wedding Timeline

How to use the template?

  • Visit the template page below ↓Wedding planning
  • Click the Duplicate button on the top right of the page
  • You can change all data on the pages
  • Customize the Wedding Plan accordingly with your information (the template has been filled in with an example to help you better visualize the structure)

What are the benefits of the template?

In it, everything is very well structured and divided into categories and subcategories

You will be able to easily replace examples and quickly burn your wedding

Gift Notion Template from Gift Shop
Gift Notion Template from Gift Shop