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Student Hub


Organize your student life in one interactive dashboard! Take notes, schedule tasks & due dates, save resources, & more!

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Template Description

Organize your student life all in one interactive dashboard!

What’s included?

  • Monthly and weekly calendar
  • Testing calendar
  • Task manager
  • Today page
  • Course schedule
  • Course pages and notebooks
  • Assignments page
  • Bookmarks page
  • 30+ student resources

What can I do?

  • Keep track of due dates and exam dates
  • Schedule tasks and reminders
  • Take notes in course notebooks
  • Save files and assignment in course folders
  • Bookmark websites, articles, photos, and videos


1. What is Notion?Notion is a free digital workspace for organizing your thoughts, notes, documents, databases, plans, and more, all in one place.

2. Do I have to pay for Notion?Not a penny! Notion is 100% free for anybody to use.


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Gift Notion Template from Gift Shop