NotionBooks - Complete Accounting Toolkit for Individuals and Businesses


NotionBooks is a bookkeeping system that's for effortless bookkeeping, financial tracking, client payment management.

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

NotionBooks is a bookkeeping system that is for effortless bookkeeping, financial tracking, client payment management, scheduling meetings and events, and also managing key contact information as well.

With this system, users can keep track of all their financial information in one place, including income, expenses, debt payments, managing savings funds, budgeting, tracking bank accounts, and calculating net worth.

Besides financial information, it also helps with the management of client information and tracking their due payments and projects with the overall progress of each. The customizable templates also allow for the organization of key contact information and for managing important dates and meetings with all.

The templates are customizable to suit individual needs and can be used to keep track of things as per your preference.

What's inside the template?

1. One dashboard to track your finances (income, expenses, debt payments, savings funds, budgeting, net worth, banking, and more)

2. One dashboard that provides tools for invoicing, key contact details, storing Resources, adding dates, goals, and more.

3. One dashboard that provides a client payment system involving client details, projects undertaken, services offered, tasks, and meetings in place.

How to use the template?

Instructions on how to use the template are given once you purchase the template.

What are the benefits of the template?

Track your finances effortlessly:

βœ” Income/ Expenses - Keeps track of your income and expenses in one central location. πŸ’°

βœ” Debt - Tracks and helps you make debt payments on time. πŸ’³

βœ” Savings - Helps to create savings funds to meet your future financial goals. πŸ’΅

βœ” Budget - Do budgeting to minimize expenses and maximize income opportunities. πŸ’²

βœ” Bank - Manage bank accounts centrally and assign them for specific needs. 🏦

βœ” Net Worth - Calculate net worth to assess your financial position and grow your wealth over time. βš–

Provides Tools to manage your finances:

βœ” Invoices - Create invoices and manage invoices effortlessly in one space. πŸ“ƒ

βœ” Contacts - Store key contact details in one location for your personal and professional needs. πŸ“±

βœ” Goals - Set goals to be achieved during the year and assess your overall performance. 🎯

βœ” Dates - Fix dates for important events and tasks to be performed during the year. πŸ“…

βœ” Resources - Store key knowledgeable resources and pages for reference. 🌐

Manage Clients and projects under one workspace:

βœ” Clients - Create client details, set the pipeline for the clients, and assign projects for them. πŸ‘₯

βœ” Projects - Create projects to be allotted for each client and track their overall progress in one dashboard. πŸ“

βœ” Tasks - Set weekly tasks and complete each of them based on their priorities. βœ…

βœ” Meetings - Schedule meetings for clients, set contact-related meetings, and keep track of them based on priority. 🀝