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HR & Payroll Dashboard for Start-Ups


For the Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups wanting to make their HR management easy!

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

To help young start-ups make their HR & Payroll management effortless!

What's inside the template?

The Dashboard is Including:

- Employee and C-Suite Directories (Linked)

All of your employee information is stored in the Employee directory and you can Link them to their respective supervisor/manager in C-Suite Directory

- Finances and Payroll Management

Under Payroll, you can find employees' pay information and pay dates! And under Finances, you’ll discover how much you owe in salaries and when to pay them!

- Recruitment Management

This is where you store the available positions and the potential candidates to help with your recruiting! process

What are the benefits of the template?

This template is great for startups because of the simple and easy-to-use management system! It will help you keep all employee information organized!

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Gift Notion Template from Gift Shop