Product Scope



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Template Description

Product Scope

Manage your business discovery & product design processes throughout four modules to ensure a strong product foundation.

This template is best used in combination with the 'Product Backlog Template'

Problems we face when managing product design processes:

❌  Lack of a proper design model and basic roadmap model to reach the desired outcome

❌  Inability to establish relationships with and manage pending backlogs, stakeholder observations, etc.

❌  Too much time wasted in sending and receiving responses from said stakeholders

How to use the Product Backlog Notion Template

The Double Diamond is a common standard and an easy-to-understand framework for all-level business builders who want to apply a user problem-solving approach to create a new digital solution.

βœ…  Five tools to work on the business discovery and product definition like business model canvas or user story map.

βœ…  Several tables and pre-configured views for roadmaps, backlogs, and more

βœ…  Pre-configured templates in table's records to plug and play your responses quickly.

Who is this Template for?

πŸ”†  Entrepreneurs, people who plan to manage a team and collaborate while aiming for a combined goal

πŸ”†  Freelancers

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