Content Management



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Template Description

Content Management

The unified process for generating new content ideas, transforming into powerful posts, and tracking the performance.

This template is best used in combination with the 'Product Scope Template'

Problems we face when generating new content  ideas :

❌  Many ideas but don't act on all of them and end up forgetting most of them

❌  Can't decide upon the optimum times to create and publish content

❌  Can't track client contacts to generate leads

❌  Find inspiration at places but can't save it for use later 

How to use the Content Management Notion Template

The following pack is an easy-to-use process to allow you to collect quickly your content's ideas so keep track of them to develop into outstanding posts. Manage your posts by channel, measure the impact and track possible opportunities with the Social CRM.

βœ…  Two tables diverge (idea inbox) πŸ“₯ and converge (writing process) πŸ“ with your content deliveries

βœ…  Pre-configured templates βœ”οΈ to start ideating and writing quickly inside the table's records

βœ…  Multiple pre-configured views like calendar πŸ“† or board to supervise your work.

βœ…  Optional Social CRMπŸ“₯ to track your contacts from every post

βœ…   Pro-tip to bookmark content πŸ”– online with a Notion plugin

Who is this Template for?

πŸ”†  Entrepreneurs, people who plan to manage a team and collaborate while aiming for a combined goal

πŸ”†  Freelancers

You can reach us on Twitter at @belownotionorg and Instagram at @below.notion.studio