Ultimate student dashboard template by mist


With this notion template, You will never forget assignments or work that have to be finished!

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Template Description

The Ultimate Student Notion Dashboard!

Finally you can stay organized and aesthetic at the same time!

Made for Studio Ghibli fans and students


Life section!! - "When you focus on the good, the good increases. live every day with gratitude!"

  • Daily schedule
  • Goal tracker
  • Braindump section
  • Monthly overview
  • Finance tracker
  • Reading list
  • Food diary
  • Week schedule

Academia section

  • School weekly planner
  • Class/course diary
  • Major audit diary
  • Class diary
  • Grade diary/tracker

The Studio section!! - "Where the brainstorming, planning, and magic all begins"

  •  Whiteboard section
  •  Content calendar
  •  Memo list
  •  Project list

Career section!! - "I will confidentially go towards my dreams"

  •  Action planner
  •  Portfolio file/diary
  •  Resume file/diary
  •  People index file
  •  Cover letters diary