Ultimate Meal Tracker (V1)

By Leviant




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Template Description

Want to track your eating habits or improve your management in the kitchen? Then this Ultimate Meal Tracker is just the Notion dashboard for you!

The Ultimate Meal Tracker helps you record all the recipes you want and even helps you create an easy shopping list.

Track All Your Yummy Recipes With Ease!

Aesthetics with Value

🥣 It gives you a beautiful weekly view in which you can drag and drop your meals.

🥣 It gives you an accessible daily view where you can see what meals you have for the day you are on.

Meal Planner🥗

Special Tips For You

If you don't have any ingredients, don't worry! This template will show you which recipes you can't prepare now and you will always have the possibility to add alternatives.

Shopping List🚀

Perfectly Synchronized

This database perfectly synchronized with each other. Within every recipe, you can see the list of your available ingredients and within each ingredient, you can see your related recipes. Amazing!!!

Shopping List👨‍🚀

🥣 It includes a BONUS in the form of a section with instructions that will help you to understand how to use this template in the best way. No more headaches! 

So, what are you waiting for? Buy this Template to track and improve your eating habits and much more!