The Best Books Notion database


Stop wasting time searching for the next great book. We have put in the effort to find the best books for you.


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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

Regarding creating a book database, Notion is a top-notch platform that provides users with a wide range of flexible layouts and many valuable components. Whether you're looking to create a detailed database, a kanban board to track your reading progress, a calendar to schedule your reading time, or a filter and sorting system to find the books you're looking for quickly, Notion has got you covered.

With its user-friendly interface and versatile features, you can tailor your book database to suit your needs, making it an excellent choice for book lovers everywhere.

What's inside the template?

✓ Book tracker

✓ All-in-one-dashboard

✓ +350 best books list

How to use the template?

  • Download the template
  • Duplicate it in your own Notion workspace
  • Now you can easily use the template

What are the benefits of the template?

  • We've invested hundreds of hours into preparing this book list, utilizing various sources to ensure that we provide you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date selection. 
  • This extensive research included analyzing social media posts and interviewing over a thousand thought leaders to create a list of the top +350 most recommended books. 
  • We understand the value of your time and have made an effort out of finding the best books for you.