Task Manager


A Task Manager to keep your life appointment ⏰ , project 🚀and work organized.


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Template Description


When we try to find a way to organize our routine and create space to achieve tasks we have decided to aim for, we are faced with certain problems:

❌  Tasks are not interlinked 

❌  Differing priorities

❌  Problems setting up deadlines

❌  Inability to track progress

The Task Manager addresses all these problems and provides creative ways to obtain the ultimate productive output:

Features Offered:

  • ⏰  Project Template
  • 👩‍👧  Parent and Child Task
  • 🔄  Recurring Event
  •   ♠️  Priority Division
  • 📆  Dedicated View based on time
    - Today
    - Tomorrow
    - Week
    - Month
  • An inbox for noting down distracting thoughts to help focus on being present during the task at hand
  • A Universal Note on every view of the template to jot down ideas as they enter the mind.

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