Study Space Dashboard (Beige)


Organize everything in your academic life with this easy-to-use aesthetic Notion Dashboard.

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Template Description

Use this aesthetic Notion Template to organise your academic life.

This aesthetic template is for any student with all that he/she need for studying!

What are the unique features of this template? 

βœ… The timetable gives you an overview of the whole week from Monday to Sunday. 

βœ… Assignments can be organized in a table view to keep track of the work of specific courses with the due date, status, tags, and note

βœ… Tasks can be organised and checked on a daily basis with important tags to categorise them. 

βœ… Have a quick to-do list that reminds you of the most important things at hand and never miss out on any deadline.

βœ… Courses organized in gallery views for specific semesters with a template including assignment tracker, task tracker, syllabus, resources, and notes.  

What are some fun elements in the template?

🧠 Brain Dump to write anything and everything that comes to your mind while attending some boring lectures. 

πŸ“š Academic Plan organized in a table view to keep track of all your courses at any time with prerequisite, code, credits, semester, tags, status, and notes.

🎸 Music Playlist to help you relax and you can change it based on your music taste!

Get this aesthetic and super organised template and manage your academic life without any hassle! 

Why should you get this template? 

🎁 There are templates for new courses and new class notes. This additional feature is all that you need to simplify your classes. 

🎁 The Course in the main dashboard and the Course in Academic Plan have linked databases.

🎁 Use Filter and/or Sort could help you organize better. For example, use Filter by Status (To do and In progress) to automatically remove completed assignments/tasks.

What are you waiting for? Get this template and ace the grades today! 

Gift Notion Template from Gift Shop
Gift Notion Template from Gift Shop