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The Ultimate University/School Organisation Tool for students

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Template Description


The Ultimate University/School Organisation Tool for students at university, school, TAFE etc. Neutral aesthetic design, but can be customised to suit any style preference. 

What's inside the template?

HOME PAGE includes:

  • Course/Subject page list
  • Countdown until semester/term/course is finished
  • To-do list
  • Due dates database formatted to only show what is due in the next month & will disappear once ticked off - includes assignment weighting
  • Schedule to show weekly agenda - includes locations and embedded zoom links for easy access to classes


  • Reminder of requirements to pass
  • Database to display all due dates for that subject (including weight)
  • Teaching team for subject, including contact details
  • Weekly scope with three statuses: "To-do", "In Progress" & "Complete" with weekly topic pages included
  • Assignment details with weight and information on each assignment

TOPIC PAGES include:

  • Numbered icons to represent week or topic number
  • Date range for when topic is to be completed