Service Provider Business Dashboard


Organize and manage your client work, upcoming projects, business processes + more with this dashboard

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Template Description

"I can't find my client documents"

"Where did I save that file again?"

Your client documents are all over the place and you can't keep up with important dates. Your content marketing is inconsistent because you haven't found something that works to store your work.

You're a busy service provider who spends more time looking for documents than doing client work. You need to take back some time in your day and the only way you can do that is if you have an organized dashboard where you can see everything at once.

Get Organized

I made this notion dashboard for busy service providers in mind. Organize the following sections for your business:

- Content Planning πŸ“š

- Strategy + Goals πŸŽ―

- Processes πŸ§©

- Brain Dump πŸ§ 

- Client List πŸ“

- Projects πŸ”¨

- Financial Goals πŸ’°

- Resources πŸŒ¨

All you have to do is click "Duplicate" and edit it in your own Notion.

WHO is this for ?

πŸ”†  Project Managers

πŸ”†  Entrepreneurs

πŸ”†. Content Creators

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