School Dashboard


Basic Student needs in one place, Exams, Notes, and Active Recall Learning Techniques will help you get better results

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Template Description

School Dashboard

Every Basic Students Needs like taking notes and easy transfer to creating Active Recall Notes or school projects and tasks for them, and Dedicated archive 

In every database is a pre-made template for your entry, like the one you see above.  

Thanks to that, it will save you buch of time and also creates a better environment to create your Active Recall notes. 

Where is needed there are some helpful leads. 

Have better results thanks to the ANKI (Active Recall) method of your journey. 

The template is very easy to use and will save you buch of nerves during your studies. 

And If you have any questions, be free to ask me on Twitter, IG or LinkedIn Under this name 

Gift Notion Template from Gift Shop
Gift Notion Template from Gift Shop