Personal Planner


A simple to use Notion dashboard to manage your goals and priorities


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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

I've been having trouble tracking my goals and tasks amidst all the chaos going on through my day to day life (ie. work, errands, house work). So I set out and decided that I wanted to make an easy to use, yet effective planner to help keep me on track, and now I would love to share this with anyone that may be interested.

What's inside the template?

An empty Personal Planner which you can simply duplicate and use.

Multiple sections for you to get organised!

  • Simple Checklist Habit Tracker.
  • Space for quick links to most used websites.
  • Agenda - for Tomorrow and Today.
  • Goals sections - for weekly, quarterly and yearly goals in your life.
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Gift Notion Template from Gift Shop