Personal Growth Dashboard


Personal Growth Dashboard to organize your self-development journey. Includes reflection journal w 250+ questions & more

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Template Description

Personal Growth Dashboard 

Keep balance and harmony in your everyday life with the Personal Growth Notion Template.

Problems with the modern-day working individuals

❌  Lack of Self-Reflection

❌  Can't vent emotionally

❌  Struggle with motivation

❌  Problems identifying mood patterns

This template helps your mind take control of your life and start living more in - tune with your inner world.

This template helps you solve this problem with:

βœ…  A Self-Reflection journal with 250 questions

βœ…  An Emotion Toolbox

βœ…  Tips and tricks to motivate your growth

βœ…  To-do-list for specific moods

βœ…  Inspiring insights about love and relationship

Who is this for? 

❀️ Work  individuals

❀️ Students

❀️ Part-time workers and juggling side jobs

❀️ People who want to transform themselves