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Full Personal package with GTD system and Recurring tasks, workout sessions, and automatic Financial Tracker & More.

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Plan, prepare and set your workout plans and sessions, with an extensive library of exercises and designated body parts to choose from, fully customizable. Set your goals for each Workout plan and get ready for action. 

Added Feature of Recurring Sessions even on Specific days (Monday, Wednesday,...) that's totally up to you. 

Meal Planner

Add your meals, and their properties, and get ready for action, every written property (fats, carbs, or protein) will be counted automatically in the Daily or Weekly counter. Set your goals and make them happen. 

And Groceries database is included as well. 

GTD - Getting Things Done 

Viral system for a productive life. Get your things done in a fashion. An effective system with Recurring Tasks as well, set your tasks every Monday or any specific day. Also weekly a monthly feature is in the template so don't hesitate to use them. 

Set your Work, Personal, or Family projects to action. Simple 

Finance Tracker&Managament

Advanced Automatic Finance Tracking system will help you simply manage your finances. Everything is set and waiting for your input.

You can track your Cash-Flow, Set an Item You want to save for or Track your current balance, and even Set Savings accounts. 

Personal Journal

Pre-made templates for quicker use, also customizable:

- Inside the template is a simple to use Journal template with multiple views to use and Helper for your reflection:

Goals Tracker

Set your goals, habits, or achievements for a specific time period within the year. the more specific you are the better chance of success you'll have

inside the template

Multiple databases and views inside them to a better overview 

With Common Notebook and Bucket list for your Life-Time wishes

And archive to view your completed goals and achievements 

Habit Tracker

Simple Daily based database entries

Edit it for your liking which habits of yours you want to check and be off with just a few clicks every day. 

If you have any questions, be free to ask me on my socials under this name. 

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Gift Notion Template from Gift Shop