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Template Description

What is the Tasks Hub? 

The Tasks Hub is a robust and integrated system for scheduling and tracking your tasks, to-do's, and habits. You can use it to track:

Recurring tasks, backlog tasks, and achievements

Your goals and buckets (areas of focus)

Your habitsTasks Hub uses a clever structure to link these different things.

It draws on elements of GTD and Eisenhower Matrix principles to provide you with an integrated system for scheduling tasks, hitting goals, and forming new habits. 

How do I use it?

The Tasks Hub Dashboard is split into four main sections:

Task Inbox

Task Inbox -

Use this to quickly add new tasks or get future tasks out of your brain and into your workflow. Create a standard task by clicking the new button, or click the dropdown arrow to add a Review Day. 

Quick Links

Quick Links -

Underneath the Inbox section is your quick links section, giving you easy access to your most used parts of the Task Hub. Next to this is a quick view timeline, giving you an instant overview of your upcoming tasks.


Tasks -

This is your main task overview. Use the view switcher to switch between your task list, Kanban view, and calendar view.

Spaces and Calendar view

Spaces -

Think of the Spaces section like a map of the Tasks Hub. It contains quick links to certain information when you need it.

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