Notion Product Management OS


Notion Product Management OS is a rich template for Product teams to organize all of their work in one place.

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

I created this template primarily to organize the work of my own teams, as VP Product of a tech company with more than 500 people. 

This set of templates is how we organize our product work, with a focus on strategy, discovery and delivery.

What's inside the template?

This template is articulated around 5 databases where everyone can:

- see how the team is organized,

- what strategies are adopted,

- what projects are going on,

- hear from the users,

- shares useful resources.

On top of that, there are two great templates for:

- Product Strategy,

- Project documentation.

How to use the template?

Getting started on this template is extremely easy. All the necessary instructions are embedded into the template.

Besides, the template comes prefilled with lively examples inspired from Airbnb.

What are the benefits of the template?

There's just a tremendous amount of craftsmanship in between a great idea and a great product. And if a craftsman wants to do great work, he must first sharpen his tools. 

With the Notion Product Management OS, your team will be equipped with the sharpest tools of the most accomplished Product teams in the world.

This template will help you:

  • Articulate a Product Strategy.
  • Map each strategy into an Opportunity Solution Tree (OST).
  • Discover innovative solutions behind each opportunity.
  • Organize your work in dual Discovery & Delivery tracks.
  • Keep your attention on your users.
  • Share information across a large Product organization.

The best Product teams are consistently creating fantastic products because they are flawlessly doing all of this. This Notion template will make it effortless for your team to do it as well.

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Gift Notion Template from Gift Shop