Notion Library


Notion template lets you keep track of all your awesome books in one place.


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Template Description

Track your books

Got the reading bug? This feature-rich Notion template lets you keep track of all your awesome books in one place. Write summaries, prioritize text, remember your favorites, and make reading productive - like never before

Library features

Save and organize books

You can save your books in a section and add descriptions and genres so that you have an easier time accessing them according to your mood.

Mark books as favorite

So that you can track your reading pattern and understand what genre among books you really like the best

Archive books

Remove from sight the books you have already finished reading, but still keep them safe if you ever want to access them later.

Sort books by language

What better way to learn languages than by reading interesting books? Easily arrange your books according to language and access your books faster.

Sort books by status

Reading 10 books at a time? Always know where you left off with the in-built status tracker.

View owned books

Rented a book or bought one? Keep rented ones on priority, read them faster, and save money!

A dictionary of unfamiliar words

This amazing feature is especially for those who're learning a new language. Sharpen your vocabulary while reading through juicy chapters!

Rate books

Sort out which authors seem to tickle your funny bone better than the rest! Being a book critic was never easier!

Add summaries

Reading for a school project or a work-related presentation? Create summaries and refresh key points at a glance. Brush up on a topic any time you want.

Cross-platform syncs

Sync your books with other third-party apps that you use to track your book reading progress. This library really is all-in-one!

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