My Reading/Watching/Listening List


Aesthetic 🌸 Notion Template to record your reading, watch lists and customize all your interests in one place πŸ“₯

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Template Description

My Reading / Watching / Listening List  

This aesthetic and easy to use notion template provides a readymade dashboard to view your current list of interests in terms of books, articles, movies, web series, music albums and comics.

How can it help you?

The dashboard is based on a database that allows you to capture useful information and notes related to what you are focused on.

The dashboard cards provide a very concise view of the key bits of information you can get at a glance. This is achieved through the magic of notion formulas.

What are the features available?

πŸ“  My Current List Dashboard

A list of all items you are currently enjoying as well as what you are yet to start. It shows anything that is finished in the last 1 month.

πŸ“Ί  All Items by Type of Media

All items in your list, grouped by the type of media. You can further customize this or duplicate the view to create filtered versions of the same as per your needs.

🌸  All Items as a Gallery

An easy to use gallery view sorted by the current status of the item

⭐️  Ready to Use Templates

With an easy single click, you can add new entries using the provided templates. 

πŸ‘€  All fields at a glance

Each item has a number of fields using which you could capture some key information on your interests for future reference. A few formula-based fields are available to be used in the views.

What extra can you do with the template?

Once you are done say reading a book, you can add in additional information like your rating and a short summary to help act as a quick reference. Within your notion workspace, you can create pages that link to this database and create filtered views to be shared with others.

What are you waiting for? Get this aesthetic, simple to use and customise notion template and tabulate your watchlist and to-be-read. 

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Gift Notion Template from Gift Shop