MakerBox Frameworks


Notion library with 50 battle-tested marketing frameworks. Grow as you deserve it.

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

Marketing is often confusing and tiring.

Indie Makers don't have time for it. We need clarity πŸ’‘

That's why we've built MakerBox Framework. The ultimate list of marketing frameworks to grow your product faster.

What's inside the template?

βœ… Notion library of 50 battle-tested marketing frameworks

βœ… Upgraded positioning and marketing funnel

βœ… Systematic approach to growing your product

βœ… Step-by-step guides to nail your marketing weeks

Learn in 10 minutes how to use a new framework and start growing πŸš€

Supercharge your marketing game with MakerBox Frameworks.

How to use the template?

Go from uncertainty to confidence with MakerBox Frameworks.

- Notion library of 50 marketing frameworks to grow faster

- Each framework has a description without the fluff and a list of actionable next steps

- Roadmap to find the right marketing model in 10 seconds

- Invite to a closed community of Makers

- Lifetime access and monthly updates

What are the benefits of the template?

Level up your marketing with 10-minute guides. Stress-free

- Sharpen positioning

- Increase sales

- Build your audience

Grow faster with 50 battle-tested marketing frameworks.

Your MRR will thank us later.

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Gift Notion Template from Gift Shop