Job Search a Notion Template


This job search Notion dashboard is the best template to manage your job applications.




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Template Description

Why I created this template ??

The time I was searching for job , I wasn't getting any applications at the start but later on suddenly I got flooded by tons of Job Applications , I got too much baffled that time . That day idea of making a tool to manage Job applications came to my mind . Everyday I worked on it and tried my best to create the best tool for managing Job applications and more , Now after a lot of hard-work I come up with this  " JOB SEARCH FOR NOTION " dashboard which will not only help you to manage job applications but also helpful in comparing and more .

What's Inside ??

NEXT INTERVIEW's :- Keep track of interviews you had in upcoming days , weeks or even  months .

DOCUMENTS :- Save any kind of documents which you need for a specific job by giving different titles .

CONTROL STATUS :- Keep updated yourself with  performances . Track status of multiple job applications simultaneously . A tracking board to add job offers you are interested in and track your applications. Use the Save to Notion extension to automatically fill in the fields when you add an offer.

JOB COMPARISON :- Compare multiple jobs .

RESEARCH JOBS :- Make multiple reports regarding various jobs before or after applying for them .

Benefits :-

Organize and manage ton of job applications in one place . Prepare well for your interviews . This application will prove a boon for job seekers .  Compare well before applying for any kind of job . 

Who is this template for ??

  • All those people who are job hunting and applying on different job portals.
  •   Students
  •   Freelancers