Hashtag Planner


Manage all Your Hashtags effortlessly. Now you can discover, search & curate all hashtags, right within notion dashboard

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

Although Hashtags boost our Social media growth enormously, managing them is very frustrating & eats a lot of our time.

So, we felt that we need to put some system in place that will help us to manage hashtags easily.

And here we're with Hashtag Planner - Add, Sort, Filter, and Manage all your Hashtags in one place

What's inside the template?

1. Hashtag Finder -  A Mini App: Discover trending hashtags right within Notion in a click

2. Daily Hashtags Widget: Get hashtag suggestions based on the current day of the week

3. Hashtag Table: Add Your hashtags, Filter/Sort them according to their popularity, and Categorize them.

What are the benefits of the template?

1. Save Time: Save hours of finding hashtags for your posts everyday

2. Stress-Free: Store all your hashtags and manage them effectively

3. Never Miss Trending Hashtags: Discover and add all trending hashtags without leaving Notion.

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