Financial Dashboard


This dashboard has helped me a lot managing my finances. You can see all important things on just one page.

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

I myself have created it to control my finances

What's inside the template?

Dashboard (quick overview), budget book page, net worth page, recurring payment manager, wishlist for items, user's manual

How to use the template?

All you need to do to get the dashboard working ->

  • Every time you spend money or receive money, it must be entered into the budget book using the predefined templates:ExpensesIncomes
  • Complete your monthly tasks every month
  • If you make a recurring payment do not forget to change the next payment date
  • Always enter new memberships or contracts in Recurring Payments
  • Keep your savings status for things and your debts up to date

To do’s when a new month begins ->

  • Create new monthly summary by using the template (Monthly summaries)
  • Go to Expense and change ‘Month’ and ‘Summary Out’ to the current month
  • Go to Income and change ‘Month’ and ‘Summary In’ to the current month
  • Set the filters for the monthly overview of expenses and incomes in Finance Dashboard to the current month

What are the benefits of the template?

The dashboard allows the user to analyze his own purchasing behavior and thus know where every penny has gone. Additionally, there is a page where all recurring expenses can be entered, which are then displayed in a calendar. The template is designed to help the user analyze his financial situation the way he wants to.

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