Creative Habit Tracker [from 2021 to 2025]


A minimalist & effective Habit Tracking Notion Template for your daily, monthly, & yearly goals.

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Template Description

An Innovative Notion Template For Habit Tracking 

Boost your productivity with this multi-purpose, habit tracking Notion template. It lets you track all your activity in one place. It's also easy to use, quick to customize, and an absolutely aesthetic Notion template to analyze how much you have progressed. 

Daily Entry

You can use this template like an app to inculcate habits by being consistent every day for over a month. Track your goals and edit them according to your preference. 

Work every day to achieve the monthly goal!

Monthly Analysis 

Know how much you have progressed over a month by aesthetic emojis and pictures to show your progress in a real-time bar.

Overall monthly status of your habits. 

Yearly Comparison

You know you have grown and become better if you have taken two steps forward than the previous year. Use this data as a constant affirmation of your growth. What's better than a little self-motivation?

Yearly comparison is available easily in this Habit Tracker

Become the person you dream to be, get started with this aesthetic, easy to customize, and user-friendly Habit Tracking Notion Template now!