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Full Content Creator package with additional Templates, GTD & Finance Tracker. Be productive and aware of your finances

$ 39

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

Simple Drag&Drop planner will help you get the hang of the phases of your content.

And Notes database so you have room where to have your notes, thoughts, and material with the Notion "Embed" feature.

Also with storage of your random, but valuable thought quotes you come by or your inspiration. 

GTD - Getting Things Done 

Viral system for a productive life. Get your things done in a fashion. An effective system with Recurring Tasks as well, set your tasks every Monday or any specific day. Also weekly a monthly feature is in the template so don't hesitate to use them. 

Set your Work, Personal, or Family projects to action. Simple. And it shows your progress too. 

Finance Tracker&Managament

Advanced Automatic Finance Tracking system will help you simply manage your finances. Everything is set and waiting for your input.

You can track your Cash-Flow, Set an Item You want to save for or Track your current balance, and even Set Savings accounts. 

If you have any questions, be free to ask me on my socials under this name. 

Gift Notion Template from Gift Shop
Gift Notion Template from Gift Shop