All In One GTD Notion Template


Get Things Done faster with this GTD Notion Template and keep all tasks in control.

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Template Description

GTD means ⚡Getting Things Done

Start your day by feeling Calm, Stress-Free, and Organized with this Ultimate, All-in-One GTD Template. 

If you feel like your tasks have become overwhelming, then the GTD or Getting Things Done method is RIGHT for you!

See all your tasks on the dashboard! Automatic organization on designated tables and on the Calendar!

Simple yet Powerful ❤

Collect all your tasks and see them all in one place!

🤍What You Get:

You get an instant download "Links and Instructions" pdf

New to Notion? Don't worry! the Links and Instructions PDF also includes a resource guide and Video Walkthrough that you can refer to when you need to learn more about Notion and its awesome features!

🤍This Planner Includes

- An all-in-one GTD Dashboard

- Plan your life with main Project and Tasks Pages

- Add in all your tasks with no worries! The Dashboard task list organizes your task in a jiffy!

- Tasks are instantly automated for you! Prioritize according to Date and Urgency (automatically!)

- Clean and Streamline layout at-a-glance!

- Study and Reading Tracker for school/research notes with Kanban/List view

- Reading/Research Links area to store your important research/study links quick and easy

- Study Journal section with helpful resources and full space to let your imagination roam free!

- FREE Get Things Done Workflow and Resources!

- Video Walkthrough!! Easy to understand walkthrough complete with everything you need to know about getting things done in 5 simple steps!

BONUS: This Notion template eliminates the need for a Notion Study and Productivity Template as well as a Digital Daily Notion Academic Planner!