Addiction Tracker


Get rid of any kind of addictions & take a step ahead with this Notion Template

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Template Description

Addiction Tracker

If you are someone who’s struggling to take control of their life because of addictions & bad habits, this Addiction Tracker is for you.

Good habits keep the boat afloat, but bad habits always affect our life disproportionately. Even one truly bad habit can sink the boat. Do not let your addictions control you. It's time to snatch that control back be the captain of your life again.

That is why we decided to create this Notion template to help you track the habits you want to break and take back control of your life.

Deal with your addictions and bad habits swiftly by using the best tool available! 💪🏻

How I feel

In this section, you can keep a daily log! You can write about how you feel, why you feel so & other details that you want to add! This will help you track & improve your daily state of mind by acting as an outlet for your emotions.


You can use the ‘Days Clean’ widget to keep track of your Streak & keep yourself motivated! Keeping track of your streaks will give you that extra boost to push yourself beyond the limit & break your bad habits or addictions!

Daily Goals

Bigger goals & targets are easier to achieve when split into smaller goals. Use this section to set some daily goals for yourself everyday to help you get rid of the addiction or bad habit!

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